LSSF 2015 is over!

My goodness, is it really over? We are still flying high from all the wonderful moments shared with so many amazing people over the past few days! Please fill out the survey now so you don’t forget any details to mention: click here for LSSF 2015 survey. We would like to thank you, thank you, thank you to:

- our wonderful teachers: Mia&Peter, Isa&Pontus, Katja&Vincenzo, Moe&Remy and the lovely Jenny for the fun classes and inspiring performances,
- our amazing bands: The Nine Pennies, NP Big Band and Gal Gjuring and his Dark Band for making us jump with joy to all their great music,
- our DJs: Stoff, Eva and Domen for keeping us going until the wee hours of the morning,
- our sound technician Tomaž & Edi for seeing to it that all this hot music got the quality it deserved,
- our photographer, Klemen Razinger Photography, and camera man, Dino Schreilechner, for making sure we won’t be forgetting all the excitement any time soon,
- Arnes for the live streaming, so the world could join in our fun
- our reliable volunteers for joining in all our running around and helping us keep our flock of dancers well informed and comfortable,
- everyone running their stands at the Vintage corner and making our dancers even more happy with their stylish merchandise and quality services,
- our partners Grand Hotel Union, Ljubljana , Cockta, Hotel Park Ljubljana, and GoOpti for providing such beautiful and well equipped facilities and efficient services,
- and, last but not least, all of the dancers that came, saw, and swung out with us!

For everyone that came as well as everyone that wanted to come, but missed out: make sure you come back in 2016 for our 10th anniversary – it will be legendary!

Save the dates: 10. – 13. 3. 2016!!

Until then, check our YouTube channel for LSSF 2015 videos:

Over and out!

the LSSF team