• Air: Aerodrom Ljubljana/Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport

Ljubljana Airport is open every day from 6:00 until 22:00. The airport terminal has a restaurant, a bank, a post office, a Duty-Free shop, boutiques, a tourist agency, a car rental agency, air taxi service, and express shipping company. Numerous carriers offer regular flights to Slovenia: Adria Airways, Austrian Airlines, Swissair / Sabena, Aeroflot, Avioimpex, Montenegro Airlines, Croatia Airlines, Czech Airlines.

Aerodrom Ljubljana/Ljubljana Airport
tel.: +386 (0)4 206 19 81
fax: +386 (0)4 202 12 20

  • Bus

Buses to destinations both within Slovenia and abroad leave from the same shedlike bus station (; Trg OF 4; 5.30am-10.30pm Mon-Sat, 8am-8pm Sun) opposite the train station. Next to the ticket windows are bilingual information phones and touch-screen computers. The posted timetable is useful once you get the hang of it.

You will need a prepaid or so called Urbana card to use the bus. You can buy one at every newspaper stand in Ljubljana and then fill it up as needed. There are Urbana machines situated at every bigger bus station where you can read more about it – otherwise just ask a vendor in the newspaper stand or ask someone – we are friendly people. The cost of one trip is 1,20 EUR and it is valid for 90 minutes. Here is the link to map of all the bus routes and more about the public transport.

  • Car & motorcycle

You can best get to know a country if you visit it by car. You can reach Slovenia via one of the border crossings with Italy, Austria, Hungary or Croatia, or you can rent a car in one of our car rental agencies. Slovenia’s highways are good and clearly signposted, beside the roads you will find rest stops, inns with overnight accommodation, and motels.

Documents required for arrival by car:
Foreign drivers, those from the EU as well as those outside it, need valid car registration and insurance, for the vehicle being driven.
We suggest that before they intend to travel, drivers from the EU also obtain a green card issued by their insurance company, as in the event of a car accident, it facilitates the procedure of data exchange. The green card is obligatory for drivers not from EU member countries.

You can find more information on the website of Automobile Association of Slovenia.

  • Train

Domestic and international trains arrive at and depart from central Ljubljana’s lone train station (+386 (0)1 29 13 391;; Trg OF 6; 5am-10pm). You can get rail information from window no 10. Buy domestic tickets from window nos 1 to 8 and international ones from nos 9 and 10. You’ll also find a branch of the Ljubljana Tourist Information Centre here.

  • Taxi

080 11 90, +386 (0)41 240 200 – Metro
080 82 94, 080 311 311, +386 (0)31 311 311- Intertours
080 11 17, 080 12 33, +386 (0)31 492 299 – Laguna
+386 (0)31 234 000, +386 (0)41 970 000 – Taxi društvo Ljubljana
080 40 20 – inTaxi Ljubljana
+386 (0)1 777 12 12 – Taxi Cammeo