The registration is now open and will close after February 28th.


INTERMEDIATE, INTERMEDIATE / ADVANCED and ADVANCED levels are full. You can still register for these levels but you will be put on a WAITING LIST. In case of any cancelations, we will take couples off this list. Please do NOT pay until you get a confirmation via email from us saying we’ve taken you off the waiting list!

We’ve opened a possibility of registering without a partner. The price for solo registrations will be 10 EUR higher than the price listed. If you registering as a couple, follower and leader in the couple need to be on the same level. You can find level descriptions here.

The workshops will start on Friday afternoon and end on Sunday afternoon. Each level will have up to 10 classes during those three days, including 1 panel talk per day.

IMPROVER level and PARTY PASS holders: payment for the festival must be done immediately after receiving a confirmation email, which shouldn’t take more than few minutes after you register. If we don’t get your payment in 7 days, your registration will be canceled and you will need to register againYou can pay for more than one person with one transaction; if you do so, please write down all ID numbers while you do it. You can find payment details here. Thank you!

However, if you don’t receive a confirmation email in 24 hours after registering, please write us an email before you take further actions.

NOTE: the IMPROVER level will keep the LSSF Early Birds price of 180 EUR until the end of January. The discount will be added when you confirm the registration.