Moe Sakan & Vincenzo Fesi

Moe Sakan has had professional training in many types of dance. In 1999 Moe fell in love with the Lindy Hop, since then this has been her dance of choice.
A pearl of the Orient, Moe moved to London in 2000, bringing a sparkle to the local swing dancing scene, and soon became the UK’s top female swing dancer. An active social and competition dancer, she is proud to have won several UK and US competition titles. Winning the world’s biggest Jack ‘n Jill competition with Marcus Koch at Frankie 95 is one of the most special titles Moe has been proud to win.
Moe travels the world extensively both for social dancing and teaching Lindy Hop. She has also enjoyed dancing for several productions, including theatre, television and film.

Vincenzo Fesi is a Swing dancer worldwide recognised. As a real globetrotter, he teaches and performs all over Europe, America, Australia or Asia. He is also the director of one of the most popular festival in the world: Swing Crash Festival (alongside Isabella Gregorio) which takes place every June in Como (Italy). Vincenzo is well known for his historical knowledge in the dance and culture of the Swing Era. A real charmer, let’s be tempted by this Italian full of fun and generosity!