Petra Robek & Janez Šepetavc

When they started dancing, they jumped right into Lindy Hop. Petra entered the Lindy hop world in 2007 and Janez followed a year later. Having no formal dance background, they won’t bore you with French ballet terminology you don’t understand. Instead, they’ll use their basketball (him) and volleyball & gym (her) experience and apply it in class – get ready for an intense warmup!

Petra and Janez epitomize social dance. And as on the dancefloor – so in class. Applying careful attention to technique, they realize the point of Lindy hop dancing is enjoying yourself while dancing socially. This down to earth, dynamic, at times wacky teaching couple is not afraid to make fools of themselves when needed. They will make you drill your moves to perfection, knowing that excellent technique is the base from which improvisation and comfortable partner dancing can grow. Their love for Lindy hop and social dance shows on the dancefloor – they’re the ones grinning ear to ear while dancing with you, they’re the ones who’ll bring the biggest smile to your face while you get the chance to groove with them and they’re usually the last ones to leave the party, so get ready for a looong night.

They’ve been teaching regular classes at Studio Dansa in Ljubljana since 2009 (Janez) and 2013 (Petra) and have since developed into the most prominent teaching couple in Slovenia, traveling, teaching (and social dancing) at swing dance events worldwide.