We are going to set up a Vintage corner at the Grand hotel Union for you, which is going to be available from Friday until Sunday! Here is the list of this year’s artists and sellers:


SWIVELLS reinvents bicolour shoes using candy-colours on the timeless classics: The Derby and the Ankle Boot. Designed in Paris, France, and made in Porto, Portugal, we do our best to align style and comfort to make your feet look and feel good! Link to the website HERE.



JANAKIS LINDYHOPOULOS: the swinging book of the year: “A beginner’s guide to Lindy Hop”! Everything you always wanted to know about Lindy Hop, but were afraid to ask. A superhero writes about the stuff you’re going through at dancing classes and parties, and problems you think only you have. Don’t let the title fool you – you’ll enjoy it even if you’re not a beginner. The first edition was sold out, so it’s gotta be worth something.


GOTCHA LA BOOM – Swingin’cision ’18: the blend of being an artist and a dancer was the creative inspiration to produce this series of linocut prints. The result is a fusion of these two passions, creating an expression of energy, of simple and dynamic shapes and bold images; ready to fire up the viewer’s imagination. The Swing music and dances of that age are the message, the medium is the printmaking technique of Linocut where the design is incised in to the linoleum surface with the uncarved areas representing an image of the final piece hand-printed on the paper. Different styles of dancing produce different types of energy that are reflected in the lines and different styles of cutting. Feel free to visit and experience new artistic adventures of Gotcha La Boom!



ŠIVANJA: homemade accessories from shoe bags to shawls and various vintage finds.


VINTAGE GALERIJA: Vintage 1920’s – 1970’s costume jewellery, various vintage fashion accessories and antique finds. Link to FB website HERE.


SAINT SAVOY, vintage inspired dance shoes, hand made in Europe with environment friendly materials. Enjoy them on and off the dance floor! Link to the website HERE.