We are going to set up a Vintage corner at the Grand hotel Union for you, which is going to be available from Friday until Sunday! Here is the list of this year’s artists and sellers:

handcrafted vintage shoes from Italy! We create and design male and female models, select excellent materials and follow the entire shoe manufacturing process, guided by our father’s over-fifty-years experience. Our handcrafted shoes are entirely produced in Italy: handmade quality and innovative research make our Tranky Shoes unique. The excellent leathers we select both for the uppers and the linings allow your feet to breathe naturally and easily adapt to their shape. The Tranky Shoes are light and comfortable, with a particularly soft insole and a flexible bottom made of Italian leather. They are designed not only for dancers but also for vintage and craftsmanship lovers. You can follow us on Facebook and instagram.


“We craft super comfortable shoes with underused colors so you can live your double life: work during the day, hit the dance floor at night, or the opposite.” Link to the website HERE.






SAINT SAVOY, old fashioned shoes for dancing and everyday use. Hand made in Europe with environment friendly materials. Enjoy them on and off the dance floor!








We are Swing It – new clothing and shoes brand. Our designes are based on original vintage patterns. We believe in slow fashion philosophy – natural materials, quality and comfort. We test our products on lindyhoppers 🙂